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Victorian Style Home

I built a modern Victorian Style mini figure scale home. I was inspired by some architecture I had seen on the East coast of the United States, and wanted to bring it to life with my own LEGO collection! I believe it would be a great LEGO set for more experienced LEGO builders who enjoy a challenge and like the aesthetic of a simple home packed with details and stories. This build would be different than your typical modular building and could look great in an office, a living room, or integrated into a custom LEGO city neighborhood. This build is complete with a master bedroom, bathroom, pantry, kitchen, office, dining room, and front entry. A classic sports car is parked in the side yard, and an American Flag hangs from the porch. The twin stone chimneys bring this home a cozy heat during the winter. A chicken coup is in the side yard with the tool shed. Finally a small koi pond provides the owners with a peaceful view from their wide front porch.

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