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A Flying Family

This Idea consists of 4, minifig sized, planes.
They are not realistic, their main interest is to be fun and playable.
They are colorful, naive.
Each member of the family have his own plane.

I really envoy to build planes with Lego, it's exiting to find the best combination of bricks to get curves and respect proportion.
The studs must be covered for aerodynamic reasons and for fun challenge.
I built the 4 planes in real life to test their robustness and check that they provide good grip, then I build them with Bricklink Studio. The digital version allows you to save the whole thing, so it's easy to try out lots of variations and come back if the last variation isn't a good idea.
The size and the complexity of planes are increasing : 11, 78, 106 and 254 parts.

The planes have no roof so it is easy to install and remove the minifigs inside.
I don't think there is a Lego set with a plane that you can easily sit 4 figures in and take them out.
The family plane will be unique.
Each member of the real family building this set can build the corresponding plane, after all, they can make a race, what will be the faster plane ?

I hope players have as much fun building and playing with this set as I had creating it

Now, let me introduce you to this happy flying family:

The big boy is Luke, he loves learning to fly, after a few months of training, he can fly alone in a microlight

The mam is Oceane, she loves to fly, she has many years of experience, she can fly at air shows in her aerobatic plane

The dad is Wiliam, he loves to fly, but he prefers to keep his head up, he flies with his family in a family plane

The little boy is Calvin, he is to young to fly but that doesn't matter, he loves to play pilot with his drone !

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