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Folding Laptop With Adjustable Scenes in the Screen


Like we do, there are updates to the design.

When I first created this build I had bigger thoughts like if acting more like a laptop and have a keyboard that resembles a true laptop keyboard. I seriously thought this idea would have reached the Ideas board a lot sooner so I submitted what I had when I felt it was "ready enough".  Now that I have had some time, I introduce a sleaker and more accurate version of what I originally envisioned.  The laptop now foldes flat with a slide hinge.  It is now easily folded for transport and unfolded for display and play.  The back panels that give each room some flavor are easily removed and replaced without requiring handles on the back.  I found a keyboard replacement sheet that I used to make the keys look more realistic. The back is thinner to allow for a slimmer fold height, but enough room to create minifigure scenes.  Since they are easily replaced the backings and scenes lend to endless displays and hours of fun.  Hope you enjoy! 

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