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Folding Laptop With Adjustable Scenes in the Screen


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Check the updates for a sleeker build and to see the folding action! 

My vision is to have LEGO built laptop with a removable screen.  Different scenes can be place into the screen portion of the laptop.  My inspiration came from online video meeting software and videos of people in meetings doing silly things by mistake.  Each square has a backing that can be removed so the room/scene inside can be redesigned.  This set lends to growth with designing different scenes in the screen either with the video meeting or without.  During this time of staying at home I felt this was a good representation of what we are all going through in 2020, but with some lighthearted humor. This is meant as a show of solidarity between us as a society and our strength to find the joy in life through the hard times and the importance of supporting each other.  

A complete build would be able to close like a laptop and have different scenes to be used either with or without a video chat screen.  

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