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The Lorax


New Renderings

Yes, I said new renderings.  Which means not only one, but three.  I'm spoiling you all...

Mecabricks and Blender is awesome...


200 Supporters!

Thanks Everyone!  Please keep the Support coming!  There'll be a new rendering of this soon, so keep your eyes peeled!


Not Too Popular This Week

Well, Wednesday's over, and we didn't get  the right amount for Popular This Week.  But, we did get it over the amount the original got in a year, so that's awesome.  If you haven't supported yet, please do so.  Every supporter counts.




Newish Torso Design For The Lorax

As the title suggests, there's a "new" torso design for The Lorax.  It’s pretty much the same as the original design, but I changed the colour to black instead of light blue.  We have until Wednesday the 6th to get to Popular This Week before all the support we gained doesn't count.  So, please support if you think that this would be a good LEGO set.


100+ Supporters and Another Picture

Over 100 supporters in 3 days!  Thanks everyone!  Here's a picture showing that the door opens, and "The Boot" in action.

If you haven't supported yet, please do so.  I'm really thinking that this could get into the Popular This Week section.

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