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I present you, my Lego Ghostbusters HQ Custom MOC built.
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Thanks to Brent, Lego brings the GB Ecto-1 Set. I thought to myself- why not built the appropriate Headquarter

I decided to built a hybrid between GB1 & GB2 and add more extras and details, lights, sound and other stuff.

The Floors(levels) are removable. Therefore, you had many freedoms for the interior and everything is easily accessible. I have already started the design concepts of various accessories and furniture.

Lego Parts: 2800
Total production time: approx. 20H

height: 38cm - length: 33,6cm - width: 17,5cm

For more pics and infos go to GBfans
Or our official Swiss Ghostbusters Page

2014.04.19 ---- UPDATE ----

Started with the interior design. -> WIP Progress

2014.03.26 ---- UPDATE ----

I realized that I made a small error counting the number of parts.
The amount of parts needed is:

------------ 2800 Parts -------------

I had to order more than 3000 parts because they existed only in 50 or 100 bags in some shops. which has now confused me all the time. And I could have, look up the number of parts in the Lego designer. Well, you never stop learning...

And basically, it's positive that there are less :)

Watch the

Front Door - Lights on. In the Background you see the Lego Haunted House.


I have made more improvements. And started with the interior design.

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