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Astro Bot

The loveable protagonist of the Playstation 5's acclaimed launch title ASTRO's Playroom and the Playstation VR's Astro Bot Rescue Mission is now in LEGO form!

Ever since his first appearance in The Playroom VR Astro has been a fan favourite as he adventures throughout microscopic magical worlds hidden inside of Playstation consoles.

Astro's whole design exudes personality, after seeing many of the Star Wars droids getting scale replica builds it felt like Astro would fit well into that lineup given the same treatment. While his design is simple, there are so many unique and interesting shapes in his design which are a joy to figure out ways to recreate in LEGO. Similar to those other droid sets, Astro is built up from a layer of Technic to provide sturdiness to the model while also allowing for a large degree of movement for increased playability.

Due to Astro's top-heavy design and tiny feet he'd likely be unable to stand on his own without an extra stand build unfortunately, which could definitely be built but personally that is something that would be a lot easier to do using physical models; however, he can or lay down on his own. Astro's large range of movement means that he can recreate many of his signature poses to further emphasize his character.

Piece Count: 912
Weight: 598.1kg / 21.1oz / 1.32lbs
Dimensions: 16.6cm x 21.5cm x 30.3cm (approximate when standing)
17.9cm x 24.2cm x 27.1cm (approximate when sitting)

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