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Santa's Sleigh from "Elf"


It's everyones favorite elf(well, human raised by elves)!

I have made, as the title says, santa's sleigh from the amazing movie, "Elf". This set comes with three minifigures(Buddy, Santa, and Walter[I wanted to add Michael but I was afraid of having to many minifigures]), eight reindeer, Santa's sleigh, and three trees(As this scene takes place in Central Park).

The sleigh has it all including the Claus-O-Meter, Santa's sack with "A real Huffboard!", the trap door on the bottom of the sleigh that helps Santa see Buddy fix the sleigh, and the engine that fell off the sleigh(there's a spot on the bottom of the sleigh that you can put it on).

I tried to make this look as much like the sleigh from Elf as I could, but it might be missing a few details.

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