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Stained Glass Lamps- 2 in 1 Build

This proposed LEGO set would allow you to build 1 of 2 Stained Glass Lamps. Or you can build one lamp then take it apart and build the other lamp!

I’ve always enjoyed how light comes through real stained-glass and I found that it creates beautiful colors through the translucent LEGO parts as well. I have designed two different styles of stained-glass lamps for this submission. The larger lamp is in the Craftsman art style, circa 1910 to 1925. The smaller hanging box lamp is in the Mission style, circa 1890s.

The bases are done in two colors to emulate two types of wood, walnut and maple, sandwiched together to make a decorative lamp base. The Craftsman base even has LEGO light bulbs!

The lighting for these lamps uses a LEGO Powered Up Battery and 1 LEGO Powered Up Light Wire. The total number of parts is 1998, and that would allow you to build either lamp. The taller, Craftsman lamp stands 18 inches tall and is 10 inches wide. The Mission hanging lamp is 12 inches tall and 10 inches wide (including both the lamp and base).

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