Product Idea

Bionicle – Toa in the Temple of Time

Journey with the Toa as they go on a quest to discover the mask of time!

Collect the six elemental Toa Tools, and place them in the ancient shrine. Turn the shrine to unlock the secret clockwork chamber that holds the Mask Of Time!

Open the Three Planet gate, splitting in half the Bionicle symbol, and opening the ancient ruins to the corruption spread by the evil Makuta.

Climb atop the giant Bionicle head, fire the spring loaded venom shooter, or fight against the tricky ribs of the Le-Wahi gripper-tree. Unearth the fallen Toa Tool statues and use them to defend against Ahkmou and the fierce Makuta!

Fight against Ahkmou on his corrupted Treeclaw crab, or tame it and ride it for yourself.

Meet with Turaga Matau and Nokama, and discover the secrets of their own mission into the deep jungle!

Team up with the mysterious Seventh Toa, the Toa of light, as he battles the Makuta, lord of shadows!

Turaga can attach to the back of the Toa’s armour.

Play functions:
Gripping Gripper-tree
Stud shooters + Spring loaded missiles in the head and on the Treeclaw crab
Secret clockwork Time Chamber, holding the Mask of Time
Opening doors to the sanctuary

I made this for the 20th birthday of Bionicle, in 2021. The idea was to mix the most potent and memorable iconography from both G1 and G2, but to add my own creative flare to it. I am most proud of the gear functions within the Toa shrine, and the shaping of the giant head.

Thank you for looking. It has been my dream since I was a child to design my own Bionicle set one day, and now to see this up on LEGO Ideas is amazing.