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The Chasing Paper Caper


Based on the Emmy-Nominated Netflix Original Series, "Carmen Sandiego, The Chasing Paper Caper is a scene from one of the episodes. The Minifigures consist of; Carmen Sandiego, the main protagonist, with additional hair, grappling hook and alternate face, Paper Star, one of the many antagonists from VILE, with two multicolored origami stars, Agent Julia Argent, a detective for ACME, with a briefcase, Agent Chase Devineaux, coworker with Julia Argent, holding a hologram projector pen, and the Chief of ACME as a translucent hologram, holding the Magna Carta. The Museum Consists of two floors. The first floor features a statue minifigure. The second floor has a glass case for storage of the Magna Carta. The roof of the museum has two torches and contains a rope for Carmen as seen in the first Image.

This is my first Ideas submission so I still haven't figured out how to render builds in LDD. Please consider supporting and comment on improvements and details that you like.

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