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LEGO Jumanji Board


Here it is, the iconic Jumanji Board! The idea for this project came from my passion for this movie from 1995, it is a part of my childhood (I bet for a lot of people as well). It took a lot of work and dedication to build this board as accurate as possible, and with all the details I wanted to put in it, it was a lot of fun! The set is pretty big, like the original board (30x40 cm) 2,792 pieces and comes with 4 pawns, 6 minifigures and of course a pair of dices. As an AFOL and fan of movies from the 80s/90s, I would love to see this iconic set in a LEGO Shop.

I added some details (frames all around the text, like the original board!) and fixed some "imperfections".

Hope you like it :)

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