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Only Fools and Horses - 40th Anniversary


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Only Fools and Horses celebrates 40th Anniversary!!!

Only Fools and Horses is my favorite tv show of all time, and it's perfect opportunity to submit idea I had for a long time.

Back in May of 2015 I made OFAH set as idea with LDD and submitted it on LEGO Ideas. Set wasn't the best back then, and now, more than 6 years later, I improved my building skills, so I decided to make real set ( Trotter's appartment also with their 3 wheel van Robin Reliant ).
This year Only Fools and Horses celebrates 40th Anniversary, so I couldn't find better opportunity that that to make this set.

This set has many easter eggs I unfortunatelly can't show in just a couple photos, but It will be available on video soon!

Their appartment is 100% as it looks in the show ( well depends from the episode, since they are making some changes all of the time ).

This appartment has removable roof and also removable one wall per room so it's easier access to play.

In their living room You can find 2 tv's that Grandad watches most of the time. He also has cheeseburger Rodney got him, even he wanted emperor's burger.
  • In front of Grandad on small desk, You can find double headed coin.
  • There are lots of boxes they need to sell same as walkie talkies.
  • On the desk You can find typing machine Del got for Rodney and calculator.
  • There are big shelves with many easter eggs, and one of them is pocket watch
  • In the back there is small bar with lots of drings and some suitcases they need to sell also
  • And there are many more things like camera, and road signs

In the back behind the curtains there is a balcony with huge satelite.
In the kitchen we have some spoiled potatoes and many more things.
In Grandad's room we have a lots of oranges, since they didn't know what else to get him to feel better.
There is also Rodney's room with a computer and trumpet, and also small easter egg on the wall You can find one of Rodney's GCEs.

There is also entrance room, stock room, hallway, toilet room, bathroom, but one of the most important room's is Del's room with many easter eggs also.
In Del's room we can find huge bed, tv, a lots of boxes to sell, same as huge box of broken tosters.

And finally we get 3 wheel van Robin Reliand!
In Robin Reliant You can perfectly fit 3 minifigures.
It has removable roof so it's easier access for everything!

This set has around 3 000 pieces and includes 9 minifigures:
  • Del Boy
  • Rodney
  • Grandad
  • Uncle Albert
  • Trigger
  • Boycie
  • Marlene ( and her dog Duke )
  • Denzil
  • Cassandra
  • Raquel
  • Damien

I hope You like this as a set idea and if so, please support it, so we can finally have our favorite tv show as a set.

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