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Mini Ultimate Mansion


I have always wanted to build a mansion because of their size and complexity. I enjoy building with a variety of materials, however LEGO are my favorite. The idea to build a mansion allows for incorporating numerous fun details which would engage and excite the builder. This would appeal to ages seven and up, with an estimated build time of 30-60 minutes. This set would fulfill the main goals of a LEGO project, including having numerous fun details, fostering creativity and allowing for young builders to be engaged with a reasonable build time.

The title of the build is “Mini Ultimate Mansion.” I selected this title to be fun and memorable. Some of the more prominent features that make the build fun and unique include having wood paneling pieces outside, as well as including several moving doors because I feel movable pieces are among the best ways to engage the builder (2 doors in the garage and 1 on the house). Additional movable pieces include 3 spinning windmills in front of the house. I believe the combination of fun details, movable pieces and a reasonable build time make the “Mini Ultimate Mansion” a great build that LEGO can add to its collection.

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