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BLOX 3D PUZZLE - Is it an Impossi-puzzle?

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The BOLX 3D Puzzle

Have you got what it takes to beat the BLOX ... or will the BLOX beat you?

The BLOX is a fun but challenging 3D puzzle that is constructed from a number of uniquely shaped LEGO bricks that when correctly put together will complete the BLOX … But building your BLOX easier said then done.

1000’s of possible solutions

There are thousands of possible solutions to every BLOX 3D puzzle so finding the right one could be tough.

Each BLOX has it's own level of difficulty so when you solve one BLOX you'll be ready to move up a level and tackle the next one.

BLOX'S will come in come in different sizes from the original 8x8 sided BLOX up to the big 16x16 BLOXBUSTER!

In time I hope to release a Junior Blox so young kids can play, build and learn to solve 3D puzzles at an early age.

FUN-BLOX'S are a limited edition puzzles, puzzles like the BLOXACCINO (as seen above) a coffee coloured puzzle with a creamy coloured head or the SANTA-BLOX, a red puzzle with a white top only available at Christmas.

BLOXS 3D puzzles are a perfect fit into the existing range of LEGO board games range.

So vote for BLOX'S and make history with LEGO'S first ever 3D puzzle.

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