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Escape From Prison Tower: Dragon Rescues The Princess


Ever heard of the story of a princess being kidnapped by a dragon only to be rescued by prince charming and the dragon being slayed?  That is not this story.

In this story, the greedy king has arranged for his daughter, the princess, to be married to an arrogant and rude prince of another kingdom.  The princess refuses to marry the prince so the king has locked her into the kingdom's prison tower until the day of the wedding.  The princess's best friend is a mage who has learned hundreds of spells over the years.  The mage uses a spell to contact a dragon to help break the princess out of the prison tower.  The dragon is capable of taking human form so he can sneak in as a knight-in-training to free the princess and escape with both the princess and the mage.

In the third image has the heroes of this story.  The minifigure with red hair is Dante, the human form of the dragon.  The minifig with the tiara is Princess Crystal.  She wears armor and has a sword because she refused to be an ordinary princess and has had her knights teach her how to be a knight like them.  The woman in purple is Raven, Princess Crystal's best friend and a mage.

Image four has the greedy king wearing golden armor to show off his wealth.  The minifigure with the drumstick in his hand is the arrogant and rude prince the king has engaged Princess Crystal to.  There are also four knights and four vassals.  The vassals carry around a litter (a wheelless vehicle moved by humans) used to carry the king and prince.

Image five has an image of a pirate and a common man in jail clothes.  They are used for the prison tower.  The first floor of the prison tower is used to hold people who can not afford to pay their taxes the king has issued, something that sadly happened a lot in older times.  This is where the common man is held.  The second floor is used for more dangerous criminals and is why the pirate is on the second floor.  The third floor of the prison tower is used to hold people who either hold important information to the kingdom or the person themself is important and can not be allowed to leave.  This is why Princess Crystal is held captive on the third floor.   I included image eight with a couple of hidden bricks to show the prisoners better.

The tower also has a training ground and weapon's rack outside for the knights to practice their skills.  The tower has a back area that can open to reveal the inside.  This set also includes fire pieces you can attach onto the prison tower for when Dante attacks in dragon form.  The dragon itself has movable wings, limbs, tail, head, and mouth.  There is a sword in the dragon's tail to show what happen's to Dante's sword when he transforms into a dragon.  The dragon also had two handles on its back for Princess Cyrstal and Raven to grab on to.

The size of the dragon is based off of several pictures I have seen where the dragon is almost as big, if not equally as big, to a castle.  It might seem large next to the prison tower, but dragon's come in all shapes and sizes.

I built this set based off of the quote "History is written by the victors."  I have read several stories and seen several movies where the dragon is evil and is slain by the prince who is always brave, kind, and intelligent.  If the prince is the "victor", then it is he who writes history that has everyone believing the dragon is evil.  So instead, I built this set to tell what could be the true story as to why a dragon would attack a kingdom and kidnap a princess.  It could be because the princess wanted to escape due to being forced to do something she does not want to do and the dragon decides he wants to help the princess.

I think this set could be fun because there are several ways a person could imagine this story going with this set.  They could have Dante rescue Crystal and Raven without ever changing into dragon form, have Dante attack in dragon form form the start, have Dante, Crystal, and Raven dethrone the king and prince, and much more.

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