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----------- Collector Baseball Stadium (UPDATE) -----------

This took a month to build. I have spent that time with the design and the time for building. I created this because I thought it was cool and would be an awesome LEGO product. This is my first project. This is the infield and the bleachers from view in field. (below)

(below) This is the bleachers from an aerial view. I forgot the pitchers mound, but I will add that!

*Update* Jul. 13, 2012 ~

I need more supporters! I just had the idea of adding lego custom mlb minifigs that comes with a display case. (pic below of derek jeter figure) ~

Example: Yankees lego pack, includes 4 players (Derek Jeter, Alex Rodrieguez, C.C. Sabathia, Curtis Granderson, and bonus; Mickey Mantle) and a yankees scoreboard (pic coming soon!) ~

These custom add-on sets would be available at your favorite team's retail shop. Online options on would let you make up a team and upload a photo of your made-up team's logo ~

better picture quality @

More coming soon!

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