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Sea Turtle

“Turtles are reptiles known to have shells that protect them from predators. They stand for perseverance, being able to travel hundreds to thousands of miles for migration.”

Hi everyone, this is my newest build. The Sea Turtle. I have always loved turtles, they are such amazing animals and I really wanted to make one. This build has been my hardest build yet, and I hope you really like it.

The build has 1744 pieces. The set was designed on Stud io and custom decals were made on Part Designer.

The Build:
  • The shell of the turtle was really hard to make. I tried to match the turtle shell to the ones I saw in the images and had to find all the proportions of the shell and calculate the angle to make the turtle work. It took a lot of time, but I think it turned out pretty good!
  • The rest of the turtle is made with slope curves to make it a smooth, round effect. The bottom of the turtle has a small hole to connect the turtle to the stand
  • On the stand, I tried to make there be a lot of coral. This was my first time making coral, and I found it very fun to make.
  • Additionally, I used the design of the Information card from the LEGO SW sets to make an information card for the turtle. The information includes the location, the conservation status, the size, the mass, the age, and the scientific name.

Thank you and I appreciate your support!

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