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Carnival Funhouse

The old fairground attraction "Carnival Funhouse" has been in operation for more than 20 years, it is located in an amusement park where everything has a retro style that makes you go back to your childhood. The colors, the lights, the sounds and the smells have been maintained for 20 years.

Several generations have passed through this house of fun, people who used to come with their parents, now come with their children and everyone leaves with a smile!

In the attraction we can find a route with several tests to overcome, a ball floor with obstacles, a conveyor belt that takes you in the opposite direction, a room of mirrors that deform your reflection, a rotating tunnel, giant rollers and finally the slide! All this is included for a single ticket!

It is impossible not to fall, laugh and have fun with your friends in this house of fun!

Regarding the construction, I wanted to pay homage to all these fairground attractions that we love to enjoy. The most beautiful are the ones that maintain that classic touch and make you feel like a child again.

This set has a total of 2467 pieces and you know, if you like it support it!!

A big hug from me and keep building!