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Big Hero 6: Silent Sparrow

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Big Hero 6, an award-winning film and fan favourite, is still beloved by many and interesting to all. Set in the fictional city of San Fransokyo, the film introduced the world to a team of heroes first seen in obscure Marvel comics. What set these apart, however, was the fact that none of them had superpowers (or super-hero names, for that matter).
No, their powers and abilities were invented by boy-genius Hiro Hamada. He took inspiration from some of his friends most incredible gadgets, combined with his own intellect to create a team of techno-heroes. But why? A villain going by the name of Yokai had stolen Hiro's world-changing invention, the Microbot (which Hiro had thought destroyed from the same fire that killed his brother).
However, I'm not going to tell you the whole movie - after all, that would be spoiling.

The believable impossibility of the film is characteristic of Man of Action, the talented creators of shows like Ben 10, Generator Rex, Ultimate Spider-Man, and the upcoming Sonic Prime.

But to the model.

Built in over a hundred hours, including conceptualization and brainstorming, this breathtaking model features the modernistic Krei Tech headquarters being attacked by Yokai's stolen robot minions. Including a play feature showcased in detail on it's Mecabricks page (and the video below), the model works perfectly for a display... but what about kids? This is where the minfigures come in! Featuring the whole team (including two brick-built characters), this set includes all that is needed for an epic role-playing battle with Yokai!

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