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Mixels: Swordz Tribe

I am a huge Lego mixels fan and was very sad and disappointed when Lego decided to stop producing them a few years ago. After mixels stopped being produced I started creating my own and used to play with them for hours, out of all the mixels I created the Swordz Tribe was definitely my favorite.

If you don’t know what mixels are they are like little Lego monsters that are pretty funky looking and are normally from 50 to 80 pieces each, in each Tribe there are 3 mixels that you can collect (one brings a nixel which is the enemy of the mixels)and once you have all 3 you can look up instructions online for the corresponding max to your tribe and with the pieces of the 3 mixels you can build the max which I think is so cool!

The leader of the tribe is Klang (the mixel in the middle) and he will come with the nixel, some play features he has are that he has movable arms and leg and an opening and closing mouth.

The mixel to the left is Cram and he is the crazier one of the bunch, he is a crab-like creature and is pretty interesting to make

The mixel to the right is Furt and he is the tribe’s dragon pet, he has wings made out of swords and a movable tail with a sword at its end

The max (in pictures 4-6) is built from these 3 mixels. He is a dragon-like creature and is very fun to make since he uses some weird building techniques that I think you will like!

If you don’t like a mixel that is fine since the main purpose of mixels is to mix and you can customize them to make them look the way you want!

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