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Stargate Command


Chevron 1 Encoded!

Hello everyone!

Many thanks for everyone's support thus far, we are officially 1/7th of the way to 10,000 supporters!

To mark this event, I'm releasing a promo video I put together showing off the rotating Stargate, you can watch it below!

As you can see, the rotating Stargate feature of this set is superb, it rotates at a comfortable speed relative to the amount of effort needed to turn the gear on the side. Note that the prototype seen in this video is similar to the one that the set would feature, but not exact. In the real set, the Stargate is able to be rotated from both the SGC side, and the offworld side of the gate. I don't have this entire version of Stargate Command built in real life, but I at least have a prototype of the rotating Stargate, which is arguably the coolest feature of the set!

Let's keep going and get to 10,000 supporters!

Jaffa, kree!