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Stargate Command


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This is Stargate Command (SGC), the central operating hub for all matters pertaining to extraterrestrial activities through the Stargate, as seen primarily in the television series Stargate SG-1.  The show was created by Brad Wright and Jonathan Glassner through MGM Entertainment, and is one of the longest-running science fiction television series of all time, having been praised by fans and critics alike.  The show centers around the adventures of Stargate Command’s flagship team, SG-1, and their exploration of other planets and alien technologies through an ancient device known as the Stargate.  This set reproduces the SGC in a realistic and detailed fashion, all while incorporating fun design elements that emulate its appearance in the series. It’s a perfect set for both play and display, made for children and adults alike!

This set features:
  • A unique and enjoyable build with a sound structure and sturdy design that allows for play without the set falling apart.
  • Multiple separation points and easily removable walls, including two levels that can be separated and reattached easily.  These modular features grant the ability to configure the set for various modes of display, while also giving open access to the various areas of the set for play.  There are also two storage drawers integrated into the base of the set, as well as removable blast doors for the Embarkation Room!
  • Multiple rooms that incorporate the major sections of the SGC, represented with extraordinary detail.  The set includes the Astrophysics Lab, the Briefing Room, the Embarkation Room, the General's Office, the Infirmary, and the Stargate Operations Room.

  • An original Stargate design that perfectly resembles the Stargate from the show, while also incorporating a genius innovation – Dial the gate!  Simply by turning the gear on the side of the Stargate platform’s base, you can rotate the Stargate and re-enact classic scenes from the show!
  • An offworld location that attaches to the other side of the Stargate is included along with a Dial-Home-Device (DHD).  The modular nature of the set allows builders to build their own offworld locations, allowing for endless variations of play and display!

  • Some minifigure-scale equipment and technology from throughout the series is included: A Naquadah Generator, an Ancient Communications Device, and Arthur's Mantle.
  • A Mobile Analytic Laboratory Probe (MALP) is also included, it fits through the Embarkation Room doors, up the Stargate ramp, and through the Stargate to the offworld location!  It can hold one minifigure on the back and also has a moveable grapple arm.

The set also features the most prominent characters from throughout the series, accurately portrayed in minifigure form:
  • Daniel Jackson: A brilliant archeologist and translator, he often represents SG-1’s moral center and acts as a diplomat to many alien cultures.
  • Jack O'Neill: The fearless leader of SG-1 with a dry sense of humor, he leads the team through the Stargate to explore new worlds and face off against the enemies of humanity.
  • Samantha Carter: An astute astrophysicist and expert engineer, she frequently finds herself saving the team through technological solutions in the face of insurmountable odds.
  • Teal'c: A Jaffa warrior that defects to join SG-1 in hopes of freeing his people from the Goa'uld's rule, he is a sturdy individual, a reliable ally, and a faithful friend that has proved to be an invaluable member of the team.
  • George Hammond: Commander of the SGC, General Hammond is responsible for all Stargate operations, and relies on SG-1 for the most important missions through the Stargate.
  • Janet Fraiser: Chief Medical Officer of the SGC, the compassionate Dr. Fraiser oversees the Infirmary and ensures all SGC personnel are in perfect health.

This set would make an exceptional addition to any LEGO collection – for both Stargate fans and newcomers alike!  I created this set because Stargate is a franchise beloved by millions of fans, and the unique nature of this set provides endless play opportunities, while still retaining its standing as an epic display piece. Within the next few years, a new Stargate series will be released, continuing the universe established by Stargate SG-1. This set would make an excellent re-introduction to the entire Stargate franchise. Thank you for your support!

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