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Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice BATMOBILE


More Renders

Hello all, Here are some more renders of the set. Just for fun.

Thank you for all your support.


Proper Renders

Here are some proper renders of my set, some of the pieces are missing from the set when I exported the model.



Hello all. First I would like to thank all the builders have given me their support thus far.

Now when I first started building this set I wanted it really large so it could be strong and have the most accurate detail. But using the LDD program, the largest wheel that they had was not the right proportions so I had to settle for a smaller size. After I finished the set I wanted to export it to Maya, A 3d modeling and rendering program, so that I could take some really nice renders. To do this I had to first export it to another Lego designing program called LeoCAD. When I did, I noticed that it did not export the back wheels. So I tried to find the same set of wheels in this program, and what do I find. A set of wheels that where larger then my previous set but where the exact proportions that I wanted when I first stared making the set! After I finished crying in the corner at all the wasted time i spent on my set I accepted it and submitted the current set that you have given your support too. 

After reading a review of my set on, I realized that the set was not as up to par as I believed it to be. Of course when I built the set what the problems where I thought that was the best I could do within the LDD program. But after reading that review, I have decided that I would rebuild my set from scratch using the LeoCAD program with the larger set of wheels so I can make the set stronger, more detailed, and be able to have more gimmicks that are expected from a large lego set that you can buy today.

To give a sense of large the new set would be. I compared the length of my current set to what the new one would approx. be. 

I measured my current set at 18.5" long, 14.5" tire end to tire end.

The new set measured from 18.5" from tire end to tire end. So just the length of the tires would be as long as the full length of my current set. 

I will try to not take to long on this rebuild, but I am currently a student at the art institute of Vancouver as a 3D modeler fro video games and movies, so I have very little free time. But I have six more weeks left in this semester before my two week semester break so I hope I will get it done before my break ends.

Again I thank all the fans that have supported me so far.


This is a comparison of the old wheel base and the new one.


Upgrade front

After considering the comment of a fellow Lego builder, I have rebuilt the front section of the set so that it would be more sturdy with out changing the out side of the kit. 

Piece count : 1664


Interior Upgrade

Added more printed pieces to the interior to make it more technical. but some would need stickers or prints to make it more unique.

Piece count is at 1638


Comparison Shot

 Set comparison


Piece additions

I have rearranged some of the pieces on the set, mostly around the panels around the canopy.

Pieces count is at 1615


More angles

Some better views of the turret and more angles of the set.

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