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Caravan Ambush


"You're brave, travelling alone through the forest. There's bandits in there."

Bryklond is covered in dense forests which are home to both hungry beasts and greedy bandits. Bryklond's inhabitants tend to take the long way around; only the most desperate choose to brave the dark and windy paths.


This 265-piece set includes 3 minifigs, 1 caravan, 2 brick-built trees and 1 bandit camp. 

The caravan is pulled by two horses and the roof can be removed to give access to the merchant's wears.


Bryklond is a tabletop role playing game that uses Lego to construct characters and environments. The set can be used with the Bryklond rules (coming soon!) to play through an ambush against the merchant's caravan. Can the merchant escape with his life? Will the bandits steal enough to buy another meal?

Using this set you can play as:

The merchant - a peaceful trader trying to meet a delivery deadline.

The bandits - a pair of thugs that lie in wait for unsuspecting travellers. 


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All images have been rendered using Bluerender with Sunflow's mod.

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