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Modular Gym, Smoothie Shop and Jewelry Store


The first floor contains the smoothie shop and jewelry store. Outside the smoothie shop is the outdoor seating area and inside contains a colorful mosaic, a blender, cash register, containers of fruit and juicers. The jewelry store contains glass display cases, a stand with rings on it, a gold bar, a cash register, decorative shields and jewelry boxes. 

The second floor has a Gym, residence and small landing area with a potted plant and rug. The gym contains a bike, treadmill, benchpress, rack for the weights, dumbbells, yoga mats, a medicine ball, tv screens and a water cooler. The residence has a kitchenette with a fridge, a blender and stove top. It also includes a small dresser with tv and water bottle on top as well as curtains. 

The third floor contains the second level of the residence. This floor has a bed, a nice chair and table, another dresser with a lamp, a bookshelf, potted plants and a keyboard. 

The roof over the gym has a small outdoor seating area with a fire pit and an AC unit which is expertly hidden by plants. This roof section also has a ladder to the roof over the residence which has only an old outdoor TV antenna. 

This build has many neat features and adds good shops for any lego city.

This set is completely compatible with Lego's modular line. 

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