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Chrono Rescue - Flight of the Falcon


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I've waited half a decade for this.
to mark my five-year anniversary of my time on Lego Ideas, i return to my first ever project bigger and better than ever seen before! The Chrono Rescue team is back with the Chrono Rescue Falcon. Larger, Sleeker, and smoothly integrating their extending propellors. But they aren't the only one back as the Chrono Breakers arrive to crash the anniversary with the Chrono Breaker Swarmer.

Why did you build this?
It was originally built for series 3 of the Bricklink designer program, but it had no luck there, so i brought it over to the Crowd-support platform I had more involvement in.

Why do you believe in this after everything?
It's been five years since i started my Lego Ideas career with Chrono Rescue, I figured i return to it after all this time. taking all my knowledge from those five years and work it into my oldest work. despite my few times i ever went above 100 supporters.

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