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Star Wars the Clone Wars: Barriss Offee V.S Anakin Skywalker

This Playset that I have created represents the final duel between Anakin Skywalker and Barriss Offee in the last episode of The Clone Wars. That Fight scene inspired me to make this awesome set!


In Barriss's room there is a hook for you to store her blue lightsaber and a table to store her hood. If you flip up her bed by pushing on the pillow it lifts up to reveal Assajj Ventress's stolen Lightsabers! The Door in the middle can easily be slided to the side for access to the bedroom and the hallway. In the hallway on the outside of the window you can push down a lever to break the window so Barriss can flee the Jedi Temple!

I have also made this with stud holes on the side so you can add on to your adventure!
All three sections can separate and be moved however you want!

Thank you for Supporting!

As you can see all three sections can be separated and moved however you want.

You can also add on to the hallway to make you battle even more exciting!

Right here is Barriss's room. You can store her lightsaber and hair or hood piece as you can see to the left. And if you push on the top of her bed it reveals Assajj Ventress's Lightsabers.

This here is the door. It can slide open and close. It can also connect to wherever you want it to be.

Here is the Window and the lever you push to launch it. The window and the hallway is all one. They cannot disconnect.

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