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Animal Collection


Hi everyone, I present to you all my latest Lego Ideas project based on three well known and much loved animals. These animals are also threatened/endangered and desperately need our help. This LEGO animal collection set features a Giant Panda, an African Elephant, and a African Lion. Each animal comes with their own special base plate which depicts the type of environment they live in. I have tried to create the right shaping and texture of each of the animals except I didn't have the right pieces to make the Lion (sorry for it's overall boxy-look). However I am very pleased with the final product and would love to use it to raise awarness for these magnificent creatures.

African Lion:

The Lion or Panthera leo is the second largest big cat in the world. It is found in Africa and lives in grasslands, scrub, and open woodlands. Lions are carnivouros and will prey on animals such as Wildeerbeest, Zebras, and buffaloes. Lions hunt and live in groups called prides.

Giant Panda:

Giant Pandas or Ailuropoda melanoleuca live mainly in bamboo forests high in the mountains of western China. Pandas eat almost entirely bamboo. They are also the rarest and most threatened species of bear.

African Elephant:

African Elephants or Loxodonta africana are the largest living land mammals and are found in Africa. A fully grown Elephant can weigh up to 6000kg (over 13000 pounds). African Elephants are very smart and intelligent creatures. Elephants eat only vegetation making them herbivores.

I hope you all enjoy my latest project and please support, and share this project with others!



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