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Hnefatafl Game Set

Commonly known in this age as 'Viking Chess', Hnefatafl (ne-fa-ta-fl) is one version of an ancient asymmetric strategy game played across many European countries the Vikings travelled to between the 5th - 12th centuries, known as Tafl.
There are many variations of the Tafl games, they can use either a 7 x 7, 9 x 9, 11 x 11, or even a 13 x 13 space board. The amount of pieces and their placement on the board can vary as well, with the attacking side almost always outnumbering the defenders, sometimes by as much as 2:1!

The objective of Hnefatafl depends on the side you choose. As the defender, you must get your king to one of the four corner spaces. As the attacker, your job is to capture the king or otherwise prevent his escape.
This 2355 part set consists of 29 detailed game pieces; 16 Viking Attacker Pawns, 12 Viking Defender Pawns, 1 King, and a 9 x 9 space board.
I decided to build a Hnefatafl board because it was a game I have been fascinated by for many years, and when I saw that no one else had made one I took it upon myself to build it.

I believe this would fill a niche for people looking for something different, but accessible. Or those like me who are intrigued by old Norse and Celtic culture.

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