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RMS Titanic


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The RMS Titanic is one of the most beautiful ships to ever have sailed the seas and the story of her tragic sinking is known to almost everyone.

This real life model is indeed titanic! It's 144 studs long and 16 studs wide above the overhang. It comes in 3 appearances: display mode, playing mode - and with lights glowing from inside.

I find it hard to understand that LEGO doesn't have an official Titanic set, but I also promise this to be my final plunge with this model. It's still a waterline model (serving as a tribute to the sailing Titanic and necessary in order to keep the brick count below 3000), but I've added a red line at the base of the hull as was suggested by some last time around. This line is clearly visible in the main picture and the ones with light glowing from inside, whereas the other pictures show the model in the slideshoe configuration - or playing mode.

The curvature of the bow is of special interest as it's kind of rough. For a final design it could be smoothened using 'inverted slopes' and 'bricks with bow', but I've actually come to like it being like this as it reminds me of the real RMS Titanic with its overlapping steel plates and millions of rivets.

Other features and changes (I copied most of this from my last attempt):

The overhang above B-deck is now only half a stud wide on each side and I've added C-deck portholes and changed the design of the B-deck portholes. All in all the spacing of the portholes from waterline and up has been optimized.

The lifeboats are completely new and actually look like real boats now! - the 2 collapsible boats next to the 1st smokestack are also new. They are all easily detachable.

Moveable cranes.

All deck space have been changed to a teak tree colour and I've added railing on the poop and forecastle deck using pneumatic tubes. Please notice the capstans and benches too and the base of the C-deck and some of the cranes which have been changed to 'medium nougat'.

The bridgewings have been rounded and the houses on each side (overhanging an additional half stud) made much more true to the real ones.

Please visit my flickr profile for many more high resolution pictures:

Let the 3rd time be the lucky one! - and feel free to comment and ask questions. I love discussions:)

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