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Toyota AE86 Sprinter Trueno


Running in the 90's... going full Initial D mode with decals!

Thanks to @Dcomprime76, I was able to add some details to the car. I added all of the badging, and now it looks even better. I've attached some rendered photos for you guys to have a look at the new and improved version of the car. I've also removed a few parts on the doors and got rid of the 1x2 plate with the side bar which acted as a door handle, and to be 100% honest the new decal version of the door handle looks better. I also replaced the empty 1x3 tiles and replaced them with 1x2 tiles which contain the plate from Initial D's AE86. I will definately be adding decals to the Sauber too, and possibly the 7 as well, but the 7's livery is hard to find. (Now the photos are here, I didn't know I had to add them manually. Oops!)




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