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Surf Game


Surf Game

Now it is summer and the holidays begin. So I decide to create a funny beach game. My game included 2 minifigures who wants to learn surfing. But it is not so easy like in the real live. This is a skill game and you can use on the right side a long versatile lego stick. You can move this and then you can move the minifigure on the surfboard. Or you surf on the water and practice some tricks. Maybe you can make a three-sixty or the aerial. Try it!

It makes a lot of fun!  You should try it! I must build two games because my kids can now play
at the same time. Who stays longest on the surfboard?

Perhaps a lot of children and also parents could have fun with this game. A small family game and a nice gift.

http://<iframe width="810" height="456" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

If you like my project please share it with your friends. Thank you to everyone for the support and your comments. I need your help. Thanks!

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