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Caterham Super Seven


R300 lightweight racing spec

A further model to inspire ideas of possibilities.It uses a few parts that are no longer in production and some of the connections within the roll bar would never be strong enough for an official set standard, so in that respect this is not as much an update (more of a slight step backwards) but its been made to show the endless possibilities within a model such as this. I'd love to see a complete race grid of these in different colour schemes, who wouldnt!?

I hope these pics offer as much inspiration as I had in enjoyment of creating it.

Full album with larger pics can be viewed here:

Also pictured a few shots from an invitation down to the Caterham showroom.

Please keep spreading the word and the votes coming in. The support so far has been incredible and very positive, we just need to keep the momentum up and try and hit the May review. We can make this happen (well at least to the votes!)


"THE" kit of a kit car

As we are now over the half way point and VERY close to 6000 supports, I suppose now is the time to state "IF" I had a wish list, that I would love Adam Grabowski, aka "Misterzumbi" on Flickr to be the designer involved with this project "IF" it makes it through the voting and review system. (I can but wish!!)

This new update is another re-design, so that everything is modular and interchangable. You want a kit of a kit car?...well here it is.

You build the component car parts and then simply place them in. i.e. a seperate body / chassis, seats, engine, a choice of windscreens and removable full roof, half roof, with or without side door pannels.

The pictures below give a rough idea of the options, please see the album in my Flickr stream for all the large pictures showing ALL the options that would hopefully be offered with the one building set:

Again, none of this is final, just some more ideas to throw into the "Ideas bag" to make the project stronger.


Stay tuned for an exciting new update from myself and Caterham in the next couple of weeks

Twitter feed for the project can be found here:

And please continue to spread the word and support wherever possible, the chequered flag is within sight, lets get it there :)

Again a HUGE thank you for all the support so far, it really is nothing without each and every one of you :)


R500 version Update

 A further possible design idea for model features. Please see my Flickr stream for ALL large pictures:

Direct gallery

Full stream

This one incorporates a linked steering assembly, so when one front wheel is turned, the opposite wheel turns with it.
It also features a working piston engine. 

The bonnet / hood has again been slightly reworked to improve the stability of connections within it.

So, between the R500 and 620R there are now 2 legitimate workable designs, which can be produced in a range of colours.
I'm also working on a 3rd design, which has the long flared fixed front wheel arches, full windscreen and removable side door pannels, again to throw a 3rd option of choices into the mix for the final design.

As previously mentioned, I will try to get a poll together for this "if" we reach around 8000 votes.

The features between both versions can be voted upon, as to which ones people would rather see in the final end version (IF) it were to ever make it through.
i.e. The 620R model, but with the R500 linked steering, static removable engine. In BRG with yellow stripes and grey bodywork / black wheel arches could be option no.1.
Twitter feed for the project:
A huge thanks for all the votes so far, and to "Get Surrey" for their article and to the R500 Blog for all helping to get "eyes on" this :)
Happy New Year to all and here is hoping this will make it to the 10000 votes.


New version Caterham 620R update

Caterham 620R, completely rebuilt to what I think would be required "official standards" for a set.

This "legit" build could still be produced in the green/ yellow and grey,  yellow,  black,  white,  grey or red so dont let the colour put you off if you prefered the other colour options at this stage.

Features include:

Removable bonnet / hood.

Removable nose cone.

Removable engine.

Removable rear Tonneau cover.

"Boot" room for a jack and tools.

Now "Free wheeling" and strong, whereas the original models were purely static display only.

Please see Flickr full album for ALL available pictures:

and please also follow the project Twitter feed to stay up to date:

I will be re-building another version of the R500, as another option, to "fine tune" some arears. I will start a poll for opinions on models and colours, etc "if" we reach 8000 votes. That would probably be a senisble time to start getting realistic opinions and feedback for what people would really like to see.

Again a HUGE thank you to all have supported this, please keep spreading the word and see if we can make this happen :)

Merry Christmas to you all :)



Caterham now confirm they are 100% behind this :)

Stunning news to have heard directly from Caterham that they are routing for this to get through, with their marketing team also behind it :)

A HUGE "Thank You" to all at Caterham for supporting this project, lets hope the extra interest generated will be what we need to get this to the review stage and 10'000 votes. It still seems a mile away yet, so please keep the supports coming in.

Plus another big thank you to all who have already supported this, it is nothing without you :)




The 1st 48 hours of the project being live update.

An amazing 48 hours for support, almost 1/10 of the way there!

A huge thanks to the Jalopnik blog and TopGear for getting behind this in the early stages, plus a big thank you to everyone who has so far supported this and spread the word.

I'm fully expecting this is going to start flat-lining, so here is hoping Caterham and Lotus decide to also push this via their social media ;) It wont stand a chance of getting through without the supporters. Wouldnt it be cool if this accelerated as fast as their cars do?!! :)

I expected this would take 12 months, and never considered it might race through. Still very early days but its been off to a very good start, interesting times, lets hope we dont "spin off" :)

Only you people can make this happen, so a huge thanks again to everyone for getting it this far :)


Component detail updates

Added a few more images showing details and possible removable sections.

The interior of the front engine compartment does have a tubular frame within it, although it is not visible once the engine is in place.

I would totally expect "IF" this was to make it through as an offical set, that the details would be heavily toned down, but these pictures show some "extreme" possibilities

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