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Caterham Super Seven


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A kit of a kit car! After many requests to add this here and conversations with fans and designers, this may well just be possible with some structural compromises.

My proposal is to put these models forwards as the intial concept, and to update over the next 12 months with the compromises that I can see would have to be made to make this into an offical set, as and when I get the time to make them.

Colour scheme at this moment in time is secondary to the final poposed product, however, dark green / yellow with grey and black chassis is ideally what I would like to see. I'm very happy to listen to requests for popular colour choices and work with the majority choice if people would like to make suggestions.

The above also applies to the possible option of a removable hood with internal engine detail. Ultimately this all depends on price point and part count, so lets start realistcally, see if we can get the votes to move it forwards and look at the options.

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