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Thunderbirds Are Go - Pod Builder Set


Returning to TV in 2015, Thunderbirds Are Go sees the new adventures of International Rescue, this time in a mixture of CGI and live action. The series sees the Tracy brothers, Scott, Virgil, Alan, Gordon and John, and Tanusha "Kayo" Kyrano flying all over the world, and into space in the Thunderbirds, helping those in danger. Assisted by tech genius Brains and his robot assistant MAX, Grandma Tracy, and London Agent Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward and her butler Parker, they keep the world safe from disasters, as well as international criminal The Hood, and his former henchman The Mechanic.

This set shows the Pods. Carried within Module 2 of Thunderbird 2, and the cargo bay of Thunderbird 3, Pods are modular vehicles, designed to use a bank of attachable parts to create a vehicle specially adapted for the situation at hand, either predefined, or custom-built. This set is designed to replicate that, with a Pod, and a set of attachments that can be attached with minimal disassembly.


  • One Pod
  • One Drill attachment
  • Two Large Guide Tracks
  • Two Small Guide Tracks
  • One Wide Base
  • One Narrow Base
  • Left and Right Large Caterpillar Tracks
  • One Bulldozer Attachment
  • Left and Right Wheel Bars with Working Suspension
  • One Elevator Pad
  • Two Jet Engines
  • One Overhead Intake
  • Two Forward Heliblades
  • Two Rear Heliblades
  • Left and Right Forward Thrusters
  • One Light Bar
  • One Side Arm
  • One Forward Arm
  • One Forward Grapple
  • One Rear Grapple
  • Six Small Leg Attachments
  • Three Large Leg Attachments
  • Six Legs
  • Three Small Tracks
  • Six Square Feet
  • Four Round Feet
  • One Airlock
  • Left and Right Manipulator Arms
  • One Asteroid Defense Cannon
  • Two Skis
  • One Cargo Container

The set is 1816 pieces in total, and includes Scott, Virgil and Alan Tracy minifigures, as well as a brick-built MAX.

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