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Pink Cadillac


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This is my 1958 Cadillac 'Coup De Ville'.

It is my attempt to recreate the iconic 1950's American rock'n'roll era cars, built to the style and scale of the current range of Creator Expert vehicles that Lego produces today.

The obvious choice was a bright pink Cadillac and after much research I settled on the 58 Coup De Ville, I chose this car as it had the iconic fins, it was well proportioned shape and of course, has a super cool name.

The build is around 900 pieces and is 16 studs wide, much like most of the Creaor Expert vehicles. The hood, trunk and doors all open and the wheels can still roll despite being tucked inside the body.

Some areas of the design had to be compromised for stability, such as simplifying the shape of the windscreen and windows, but I think a good balance has been reached, but there is always room for improvement, so I would love to hear your suggestions and comments!

Thanks for looking!

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