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Winter Village Express Train


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All aboard The Winter Village(tm) Express train!

Clear the track. Fill the boiler. Shovel the coal. You'll be sure to arrive by Christmas Eve. A stove in the passenger coach warms the heart, inspiring tales of adventure and anticipation toward your holiday destination. The scent of nutmeg from your mug feeds your tum. The wafting pine fills your soul. You're almost there.

"Next stop, Winter Village!"

Transfer your trunk of treasures from train to automobile, for there are family and friends to see, gifts to give, and memories to make... in Winter Village.


The Winter Village Express train set design is compatible with the battery operated LEGO(R) Power Functions(tm) train motor, infra-red remote control system, and LEGO train track. It complements your growing collection of official LEGO system Winter Village(tm) sets. Inspirational elements for the train come from the mid-to-late 1800s Swiss Northern railway line affectionately known as the "Spanisch-Brotli-Bahn" in recognition of the region's tasty pastries. The automobile is a fancifully-driven model, circa early 1900s.

I hope you find this train set likeable for many reasons, for the season, and for your family to enjoy. But, don't park the train at the station just when winter is over and the festive holiday season concludes! You can easily convert this train for Spring, Summer, and Autumn scenic operation by removing the touches of white snow and enjoy running this train all year 'round about your layout.

With your support, perhaps the Winter Village Express train set can be waiting at the station, under the tree, all wrapped up with a bow for you and yours...

Thank you graciously for your curiosity and interest,

James Mathis

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