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Big Bricks

This project is a collection of large brick-build Lego bricks! Each brick has a 4x2x4 stud on the top to fit into a 4x4x3 socket on the bottom of other pieces, but also able to intergrate with any other Lego brick and be customised by simply swapping bricks out. These would ideally be sold in packs of ~5 of each brick in each pack (each pack being of a different color), so if you need a certain type of brick you don't need to buy another entire set.

I designed this because (I'm not sure if other people have this but) I often have moments where my brain just wants to build something substantial in a short amount of time, but I struggle with building using small fidgity pieces, so why not just supersize them and build with a collection of larger but identical bricks?

I think this would work well as a set due to it's simple nature, making it accessible to any age with any amount of experience with Lego or other building toys. It's a simple system that uses stacking to function, not clutch power - which could be difficult for some people to understand. I only designed 6 pieces and a few colors to match the classic sets, but it would be very easy to add more colors and/or pieces to match needs.

I included a picture with all the bricks, one with a couple of simple builds, and another showing how the bricks connect on the underside. I'm not great with making builds, but I have no doubt that people could make some incredible stuff with just a few parts.

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