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For Shmedley: Attaining Whirled Piece (A Punstruction)


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This is what I made after discovering Shmedley's awesome punstruction creations (which I do not own, claim, or otherwise associate with). This is my own punstruction: Whirled Piece.

There are a lot of organizations, programs, philosophies, ideals, ideas, books, etc. all created with the goal of attaining world peace, but they don't realize just how simple the solution is. All they have to do is turn the crank on this little gadget, and there have it: whirled piece.

Yes, of course I'm joking. But the world (and the Lego set line) sometimes have to sea that they shouldn't be so shore of themselves and so serious; though I am born and bread to be serious, sometimes I just knead to take a lighthearted detour.

(I'm sorry those were sew terrible; they seamed to be the only pun-like things I could think of.)

(Now I'd better stop writing before you pun-ish me!)

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