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Cosmonaut / Astronaut Super Soldier Mech Suit


I designed this when I was 14.

The set I am proposing would come with 3 of these mech soldiers. The pictures show possible color variations; I really don't care what color this is. The baseplates in the extra pictures are not part of my proposed set; they are just there to show scale.

This mech is fully posable, fully customizable, and fairly sturdy, since most of the limbs are connected with rubber bands. In other words, its arms, legs, elbows, knees, hands, feet, shoulders, and hips can all turn and move realistically. Furthermore, the shoulder armor is removable, and there are a few other options of pieces for shoulder, hip, elbow, and knee armor.

Yes, using rubber bands to hold pieces together is an "unconventional" building method, but I believe it should be used anyway since it is so sturdy and provides such functionality.
I made this because I believe that the Lego company has left the tiny mech realm relatively unexplored, and I believe that this would hopefully help people to get just a small glimpse of what possibilties lie within their reach.
Please leave me any feedback you think is appropriate.

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