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Green Gables


The 2500 Update!

Wow!  Nearly 2500!  

1/4 the way there in less than a month!  Thank you to all the Anne Fans out there who would love to build Green Gables one day!  We are so grateful for everyone's support here and sharing our idea everywhere else.  We took a few additional pictures of the various minifigure ideas we had based on the options available in our Lego Collection.

For example in the top image, we think Anne should have a blue "puffed sleeves" dress in addition to her casual dress, and Marilla could have a formal dress with matching hat for going out, as depicted in the 1985 TV series.

And as often requested - Gilbert! with his boyish smirk

Gilbert in fancier clothes (hat should be grey not black)

Gilbert with nice hair

Diana with happy face

Diana "Raspberry Cordial" face

Anne happy face with long hair

Anne sad face with long hair

Anne with short hair after green dye incident

Marilla with stern face (we would also want a kind face but nothing we have would be appropriate)

Matthew with Sunday best

Matthew with work clothes (hat needs to be grey not black though)

Matthew with inside hair (as they didn't wear hats inside in those days)

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