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Green Gables


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Anne (with an e) Shirley and her bosom friend Diana invite you to explore the Green Gables house from the beloved Anne of Green Gables series by Lucy Maud Montgomery.  This model features elements taken from both the novel, 1985 TV series and from Green Gables Heritage Place on Prince Edward Island.  Relive your favorite scenes from the raspberry cordial incident to the escaped cow, the mouse in the sauce, the cutting of the green hair and of course the iconic carriage arrival of Anne to her new home and family.

Anne of Green Gables is loved around the world by young and old.  Her wonderful spirit has inspired millions of people.  Please support the Green Gables house and bring these amazing stories and rich characters to life with Lego.


  • Anne Shirley with sad and happy faces and extra shorter hair
  • Diana Barry, Anne’s bosom friend, with happy and queasy faces
  • Matthew Cuthbert with stern and relaxed faces as well as both his Sunday best shirt/hat and work shirt/hat and a grey hair piece when he removes his hat indoors
  • Marilla Cuthbert with stern and relaxed faces


  • Compact two story home on two 16x32 baseplates featuring 2 doors and 21 window elements with green window trim
  • Three hinged green brick roofs with sculpted valley
  • The beautiful “Snow Queen” cherry tree next to the house
  • Corner garden featuring Prince Edward Island’s red soil and a bounty of potatoes, carrots, radishes and pumpkins all enclosed by a white picket fence
  • Back yard well with frog, ferns, bucket and escaped cow nibbling on flowers
  • 4 wheel buggy with reigns to a sorrel mare

The interior of the house is fully decorated with 8 different rooms including 3 bedrooms, sewing room, kitchen and dining area, parlour and a hallway with wooden stairs.  Play is enhanced by the easily detached roof elements, central hinge and modular second floor.  All rooms are accessible and much of the furniture is removable and rearrangeable.  The floors are also covered in colorful carpets and hard wood boards.  There is even a floral throw rug in the parlour as displayed in the Green Gables Heritage Place.

Main Floor:

  • Parlour room with antique sofa, throw rug, picture and fireplace
  • Matthew’s bedroom with bed, change of clothes, mirror, picture, bed pan and a table with wash basin and cloth
  • Dining room with ornate table and three chairs, newspaper, picture, three glasses (one half drunk) and possibly a raspberry cordial bottle
  • Kitchen with wood-fired stove including pot and pan, butter churn, picture, and work bench with pot of apples, carrots and extra pan
  • Hallway with ascending staircase, mirror, picture, closet, tool chest, and the sauce mouse

Second Floor:

  • Sewing room with rocking chair, spinning wheel, sewing machine, sewing table with fabric and scissors, small chair, picture and decorative rug
  • Marilla’s bedroom with bed and colorful bedspread, table with antique oil lamp and picture
  • Anne’s bedroom with bed featuring wrought iron head and foot board spindles, a box of books, shelf of bottles and containers, table with oil lamp, closet, and two pictures

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