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Armillary Sphere


Armillary Sphere

The armillary sphere is commonly used in heraldry and vexillology, being mainly known as a symbol associated with Portugal, the Portuguese Empire and the Portuguese discoveries.

In the end of the 15th century, the armillary sphere became the personal heraldic badge of the future King Manuel I of Portugal, when he was still a Prince. The intense use of this badge in documents, monuments, flags and other supports, during the reign of Manuel I, transformed the armillary sphere from a simple personal symbol to a national one that represented the Kingdom of Portugal and particularly its Overseas Empire. As a national symbol, the armillary sphere continued in use after the death of Manuel I.

In the 17th century, it became associated with the Portuguese dominion of Brazil. In 1815, when Brazil gained the status of kingdom united with that of Portugal, its coat of arms was formalized as a golden armillary sphere in a blue field. Representing Brazil, the armillary sphere became also present in the arms and the flag of the United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and the Algarves. When Brazil became independent as an empire in 1822, the armillary sphere continued to be present in its national arms and in its national flag. The celestial sphere of the present Flag of Brazil replaced the armillary sphere in 1889.

The armillary sphere was reintroduced in the national arms and in the national Flag of Portugal in 1910.

This is my version of the Armillary Sphere and her association to the Portuguese Shield, Flag and History, that's why around the sphere I've designed the portuguese cross in 2D, with the portuguese colours, green, red and gold.

It's an easy set to do, it has less than 300 bricks, it can be used for teaching basic Portuguese History to children, and in my opinion it's a good collector’s acquisition as well.

Hope you like! :)


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