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Inter City Train




Here some other possible paintschems.

Lufthansa Airport shuttle:

Classic DB-painting:



driving trailer

I promised an alternate seconded class car. Okay for myself it´s additional ;-)

This driving trailer has space for 5 passengers an engineer.

Turn the folding seats up to create space for bicycles.

And the best thing siding door to the high detailed drivers cab  :-)



The complete train:


Next update:

Details between the real train and my idea.





Easter update




and welcome to my Easter update ;-)


Here you see how I integrate power function and LED-lights. Unfortunately this method t isn´t very bright.


trans clear bricks painted or glued with stickers:


Train in action:


Now the Easter Egg for those who wants more:


Lego Ideas doesn´t allow own part proposals. So my official Idea hasn´t a motorized 3 axe bogie!

For myself, I create and print (Method: SLA) two parts for the bogie. Quality of parts depends on printer. No support for the 3d parts.


Not part of my Idea:

Not part of my Idea:

Motorbogie ornament:

1 1/2M connector axle:



And now the Easter egg for everyone:

The full train in LDD:


Next update: Alternate 2nd class car



Happy Easter


PS: check downloads for malware before opening!



Some more details

In the description I told something about a station. Sorry I forgot to add the picture. On the platform you see all minifigures from my train.

Starting from the left: Family travelling in the second class car, couple, waiter, chef, conductor, business traveller and engineer.

The other Picture shows the LED-Light in action.


EDIT: Unfortunately I had to split the widescreen picture.

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