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Inter City Train


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I´m lucky to present my favourite train transferred in Lego scale. It´s the BR 103 locomotive with 3 „Inter City“ cars.


But first off all: sorry for my horrible English.


The Inter City is a German long distance train. The service of the BR 103 started in the year 1970. Today some locomotives are still running in operational service. So the paint schemes have changed several times. For this set I choose the red painted locomotive and cars in service from end 80´s till the 90´s.

I created the set in a mixture between real design, playability and motorization with lights. I glued some sticker around a transparent brick to realize the lightning. The result is a highly detailed train with lovely shaped interior and exterior. Including many minifigures and accessories fitting to the train theme. Over 1600 parts ensure hours of building fun. Train in total measure over 100 cm (39 inch) long, 12 cm ( 4.7 inch) high and 5 cm (2 inch) wide.


And the best thing: All cars have doors for easily exit at the station! -In regarding of the last official passenger trains released by Lego.


BR 103 locomotive:

This locomotive in “orinetrot” (German calling for this painting) contains realistic 3-axle-bogie and highly detailed drivers cab. The bogie handles flex-tracks, corners and switches in every combination! The locomotive promises a high building experience with many (hopefully) printed parts. Motorize it by adding Power Function and LED lights. Minifigures: 1 engineer.


First class compartment car:

The first class compartment car is a pleasure for travelling. One compartment has space for 2 minifigures. Between the 2 compartments is room for the passenger luggage. Functional sliding doors. Minifigures: 2 business travellers, a couple on a romantic trip, a conductor and many accessories.


Dining car:

When you become hungry go to the “Bordrestaurant”. But first we have to power up the oven. So raise the pantograph for extra power. This car has a little kitchen with a stove and a bar. Take a seat in the dining compartment or have a drink in the stand-up café. Also included is a small toilet. Minifigures: chef, waiter and many accessories.


Second class saloon car:

Enter the last car in this set by opening the sliding doors. Take a seat at one of the 5 places. You have the choice for a single seat or a table place. You can also store your luggage between two seats. Minifigures: a cute family: mum, dad, daughter and son. Including accessories.


Thanks for supporting me




Station and tracks just for decoration.

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