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Doctor Who Davros


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Build the dreaded Davros, creator of the Daleks!

This is his story:

Long ago on the planet Skaro, the Kaled scientist known as Davros created the most fearsome monster the universe had ever seen - the Dalek.  Soon, though, the Daleks achieved sentience and exterminated him.

However he survived the attack due to the life-support systems in his chair and soon reappeared to help his creations battle the android Movellans. Around this time, he also met the Doctor again. Unfortunately for Davros, due to the Doctor's interference,  his scheme failed.  The Movellan and Dalek forces were both destroyed and Davros was put on trial by the human empire for his crimes.

He had several more encounters with the Doctor and the Daleks in the course of the series and he was last seen in the 2008 season finale - The Stolen Earth / Journey's End. His fate is unknown.  


1 Why Davros?

As a Whovian since the return of Doctor Who in 2005, I wanted to make my own contribution to the Lego Doctor Who series.  Who better to build than one of the main villains of the classic series - Davros!  Everyone loved the Daleks, so why not their creator?  He was always one of my favourite classic enemies and I hope that he will return to the show this year! 

2 How this project would work out:

Davros measures about 9 inches tall, and features an articulated arm and hand. His head can turn 360 degrees. His life support chair has a detailed control panel and Dalek bumps on the back and the sides. (I couldn't get the Dalek bumps on the front of the chair, but I am sure that the Lego design team would be able to work this out.) His head also has the wiring and the eye-piece design for extra detail. I have placed blue bricks under the base to make it look as though Davros can hover as he does in the series.  This model was designesd using Lego Digital Designer.

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