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Lego City Tower With Working Elevator


About This Project

This project is my attempt to create a set with a working elevator in it. It was a challenge to make the elevator work but I think it ended up looking cool and it works. There is a hand crank located near the top of the tower on one side. Also to hold the elevator at the different floors without having to hold on to the crank I put a stopper beside the crank handle. The stopper can be folded up and clear of the crank when you want to move the elevator up or down. It has four floors. The ground floor which is just the entrance to the building. The second floor has a cafe on it which has a wall that can open up for easy play. The third floor has a veterinary office on it. The office also has a wall that can open for easy play. Than on the fourth floor there is an apartment. It has a small wall that opens for easy play as well as a section of the roof can detach. Then on top off the tower is the bell tower. Each floor has a balcony connecting the elevator to the various shops and apartment. On the ground level there is a garden on one side of the tower and a outdoor stove for making pizza on the other side, as well as a picnic table to eat at. There is a mouse hiding under the stairs from a kitty that has chased him under there. Also on ground level is a street lamp, a mailbox, a fire hydrant,  and a stop light. The sign on top of the vet unit can spin 360 degrees. An owl has made his nest on part off one of the vet unit signs in the front. I put graffiti on both sides of the towers ground floor as well as air vents. On the back of the tower is access to the elevator on every floor and you can watch it go up and down here. At the bottom of the back is an access panel for repairs. Every floor is detailed. The apartment has a T.V., a couch, a stereo, an aquarium, and a table with a lamp on it. The vet unit has an examination table, med station, a kitty, the vet, and the kitty's owner. The cafe has a table with condiments, a milkshake and ice cream machine, and a coffee maker. If I missed anything I hope the pictures got it.

Play Features:

  • Functional elevator.
  • Each floor has a building on it with a wall that can open for easy play.
  • The green apartment also has a roof section that can detach for easy play.
  • Vet sign can spin 360 degrees.


  • One mouse.
  • Two cats.
  • An owl.
  • Two minifigures and four mini dolls (Lego friends).
  • Assorted minifigure accessories like pizza, vet needles, a plate, roller skates,etc..

I really enjoyed making this set. Tons of fun to build and play with. The elevator runs very smoothly. I spent a lot of time making that happen. Well I hope you guys and girls like this as much as I do. Please support and share thank you.

Thank you for your support.


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