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Donald Duck's Car - The 313


Donald's car mentioned on The Brick Show and The Disney Blog!

Thank you The Brick Show and The Disney Blog for these great posts.

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Only bills in the mailbox for Donald, but... least he got a nice car!


Donald's car is a Belchfire Runabout

The car Donald owns is a "Belchfire Runabout"-car, which is a fictiv model and is inspired by an "American Bantam 1938"-car. Below is an advert for the Belchfire Runabout. It is this design I have mainly used as reference for my LEGO version. 



Donald Duck's car is broken

As usual bad luck. Yesterday Donald's car broke down. On the other hand it was after all Friday the 13th.


Facebook page!

There is now a Facebook page for Donald Duck's car! You can check it out here


Donald refuels his 313!

Thanks for all your support so far! Amazing that it has got so many. Remember also to share the project to your friends so that it can be spread more.

I took a new photo where Donald refuels his car (I think it runs on eco-friendly petrol). 

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