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The Only - Opening Scene

Hey Explorers, Hey Everyone!
Let me introduce You my first LEGO set, made by LEGO Digital Designer. At first look this is only a western style pub/inn, but it is way more than that! This is the first scene of a never finished novel of mine, titled; The Only. This could be a beginning of a new sci-fi/thriller serie, what comes by neither any movie streaming services, but only LEGO company!
In the first scene we have six guests, invited by The Only. Here is the world award winner bartender from Asia, the legendary cruise captain from Africa, the head of one of the biggest cartel from South America, the worldwide known talented actress from Europe, the president of USA, and the most listened rock musician of Australia. All famous and well known people from all around the World, with different talent, different knowledge and spirit.
But why are they all here? What or who is The Only? Why is a secret entrance on the side of the pub with a secret way goes straigt to the locked bedroom upstairs? And what happens when The Only wakes from its dream? Mysterious happenings, disturbing noises, and so much more starts when the last guest finally arrives.
Their part to investigate the truth, and survive the guest, Your part is to enjoy the story, discover the creation of a starter dreamer (ME :D), and give a chance to finish their exciting adventure with more scenes and storytelling.
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Thanks for all of You!
P.s.: And have a nice day by the way! :D

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